For those seeking answers or advice to a specific single design issue.  Whether you’re trying to pick the perfect backsplash or are trying to figure out what colour your trim work should be, single design dilemmas can stall or delay projects indefinitely.   This is your opportunity to receive prompt and professional design advice to get you back on track and prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Send us a written question describing your dilemma and provide any relevant information in the form of pictures or floor plan if necessary.   Our design expert will review your dilemma and provide you with a practical solution, experienced advice and clear direction to get you moving forward.

You will receive a brief but informative written response that may include more than one possible option, and will contain any relevant details such as a product spec, a photo reference or a rough sketch to illustrate a concept or detail.

Cost:  $150
Delivery:  2 - 7 days 


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