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The key to every successful interior is starting with a well designed plan.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend on fixtures or appliances or how gorgeous that marble floor is,,,,,if the space is poorly laid out and under utilized - its a reno fail.  A bad floor plan can hinder the value and enjoyment of your home instead of enhance it.  

For those who have the confidence to select their own fixtures and finishes but are stumped when it comes to layout, or for those who need a big picture plan before they can focus on individual room details - this space planning service is your first step in the planning process.  Whether you’re trying to figure out if you should turn those two small rooms into one large ensuite or thinking you either need to expand your kitchen or move to a new house - the opportunity to explore solutions on paper will give you answers.  This is your opportunity to have your space assessed and re-planned by an expert, experienced registered Interior Designer. 

The Process: You complete a set of our detailed surveys, send in a room measure or house plans along with some interior photos. Our Interior Designer will use this information to assess your space and present you with a new layout solution that realizes the potential of your floor space and all your requirements. 

You Receive:  A pair of scaled and dimensioned electronically drafted floor plans consisting of one Existing Floor Plan and one new Proposed Floor Plan.  The proposed floor plan will indicate all door and window locations, built-in cabinetry locations, appliance and plumbing locations as well as any other relevant layout notes or recommendations pertaining to critical dimensions or construction details. These digital floor plans are sent directly to your inbox or cyber dropbox with a written design summary highlighting the key features of the plan.

Cost:  $1,500   Kitchens  (up to 180 s.f.)
           $950   Bathrooms (up to 125 s.f.)
           $2,400   House Plan* (up to 1,000 s.f.)
*these planning services exclude basements

Delivery:  2 - 3 weeks
Note:  Please send order requests via email.  Order form on this site does not reflect correct pricing. 

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