If your kitchen is underutilized and poorly configured, or just needs to be replaced from top to bottom, then these design packages are just the recipe you need to serve up the kitchen of your dreams.

KITCHEN RE-DESIGN: Starting with a clean slate we begin by exploring new potential layout options for your kitchen space, which may involve opening up walls, or moving windows and doors.  Once a layout is approved by you, the rest of the kitchen design concept is developed including planning out your new cabinetry configuration, new lighting locations and making recommendations for all other finish materials and fixtures in the room.

KITCHEN REPLACEMENT:  This design package is for those who want to or need to keep the existing layout of the room but want to replace everything from top to bottom.  The kitchen design concept focuses on maximizing your existing kitchen footprint and mechanical locations but transforming it with newly configured and highly functional cabinetry, appliances and surfaces.

The Process: You complete a set of our detailed surveys, send in a room measure, room photos and some kitchen images that reflect your desired style and mood. Our Interior Designer will use this information to expertly create a comprehensive solution that addresses every aspect of your new kitchen design.

What you Receive:  A final dimensioned floor plan and 4 detailed wall elevations along with a lighting location plan, coloured images of all recommended fixtures, appliances, cabinet style, hardware, counter, backsplash, flooring, and paint colours on a digital sample board. Also included is a source list and budget overview.  These digital design portfolios are sent directly to your inbox or cyber dropbox with a written summary of tips and advice. 

Cost:  $3,200   Kitchen Re-design  (up to 180 s.f.)     
           $2,400   Kitchen Replacement  (up to 180 s.f.)

Delivery:  4 - 6 weeks (subject to change)

New Package Details & Pricing To Be Announced.

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